Thursday, July 28, 2005


Gluten-free pasta is easy to find. Nature food stores and even Loblaws (in the organic food section) stock them.

My favourite brand (also the most widely available) is Tinkyada rice pasta.

I think rice pasta are the best. Almost like real pasta, especially for spaghetti.

Another brand I find just as good (spinach rice pasta) is from Riztopia (made in Canada). I probably get it at the Westgate mall's natural food store and maybe at the Big Loblaw's too (Richmond and Kirkwood).

Of course, there are all the asian rice noodles, but as a substitute to wheat pasta (i. e. italian style) they are a little different than the above brands. Also gluten-free certification is maybe questionable and difficult to ascetain for the truly asian brands. But what do I know? I've seen the "Thai kitchen" brand listed on one of the gluten-free product listings (somewhere!).

I've tried other pasta too. Bean pasta is passable (strong taste) and potato pasta is downright horrible (very mushy).


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