Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ice cream and yoghurt

I've been shunning "modified milk products" that appear in yoghurts and ice creams (in addition to "modified corn starch"). I haven't done a lot of systematic testing, but on one occasion I've had a yoghurt containing "modified milk ingredients" but no "modified corn starch", and had cramps from it. So. Breyer's Natural ice cream used to be my staple source, but now they've changed the recipe and "modified milk ingredients" appear. I've switched to Ben and Jerry's now.

For yoghurt, for reasons mentioned above, I stick to Libery plain yoghurt (regular or organic) and Astro Original Balkan Style yoghurt. I find both of these at the Herb and Spice. The Loeb stocks Astro but not Liberty. I think Loblaw's stock both brands.

For sour cream, I use Liberty as well.

For cream cheese, Liberty or Western cremery. Kraft Philly cheese (*not* the light version of it) works too.

Liberty link (not much to see, the other links above point to the specific products)


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