Thursday, July 28, 2005


You basically have to stay away from supermarket sausage, but at least there they have the ingredients list so you can check.

It seems that the meat shops generally make sausage without using wheat. In the market, Aubrey's makes non-wheat-filled sausages, and the Sausage kitchen has a flier outlining the gluten-freedom (or was it wheat-freedom?) of their sausages. In Westboro, Saslove's sausages are wheat-free. Of course, I'm always wondering about the spices they put in there (I tend to stay away from any kind of ground spices), but that dosen't stop me from eating them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Johnsonville sausage.
Lifesaver at the grocery store - when you can find it.

1:23 PM  
Blogger StephM said...

Also Farm Boy sausages contain no filler (so that means no gluten- right?)

6:18 AM  

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